Information Presentation


Data can be presented in a number of ways, but more data is not necessarily better. Turning Data into Information is the key. This involves everything from the Level 1 sensors, through the PLC to the Level 2 system up to Level 3. Involving all these systems often leads to 'Lost in Translation', let alone the time (and people) required to implement such a chain of events.

DataGUIDE solves this problem by taking data from the machine, processing it to provide truly useful information and transporting or presenting it to those personnel who are most effective to act on it. All in one computer.

Currently, DataGUIDE works in tandem with ibaLogic, a partner product from iba.

Roll Tracking

Mill Roll Tracking is critical to the efficient and cost effectiveness of mill operation. By providing immediate roll status to operators, supervisors and managers, important decisions can be easier to make and crippling down time can be avoided.

Additionally, straightforward roll inventory control - with a full view of available inventory, and in-service rolls - ensures that costly rolls are not unnecessarily stocked. Roll life is measured and charted automatically providing the roll shop manager to tools needed to order replacement rolls at just the right time.

Problematic rolls (or chocks, or bearings) can be easily identified and an appropriate solution instigated, without production quality suffering from mystery quality issues.

Updated August 2009

Each rTrack product can be upgraded to the next level, without a major overhaul, or any loss of data. The affords a staged rollout for the system, to allow development time and training to the users involved. The demonstration system gives you a real world look and feel, with only a time investment to determine if the system is right for you.


Infomation Presentation

Mill Roll Tracking

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