About Steelcoder Engineering Inc.

Steelcoder Engineering Inc. was founded by Stephen J Whiteley. Steelcoder is an engineering company first and foremost, and provides specific computer engineering and programming services. These services are targeted at medium and heavy industry, such as steel production (cold rolling is my favorate - Ed), aluminum, paper, textile, film and supporting industries. Production is king. Everything else is support.

"I've spent quite a lot of time in steel mills. When things go well, production is boring: but that's a good thing. I like to see it that way. Sometimes things just don't go according to plan. Or things could be better. I enjoy solving those problems. Since computers are at the heart of things these days, computer knowledge is often the only way to solve things. The potential for computers to solve such problems is underutilized: until the IT deparment keeps steel toed boots on their feet, hard hats on head and live in the mill, it will always be a struggle to get computers to do what you need. It doesn't have to be that way. Production needs people who understand them, and not the tools of the trade".

My objective is to fit the need.

Stephen J Whiteley

Stephen has a Bachelors Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Bristol University, England. Totaling 20 years production engineering experience, he has worked as an engineer for British Steel, Avesta and Nucor Steel; and as a field service engineer for Eurotherm Drives, commissioning a variety of production equipment. His latest position was with iba America LLC as the Principal Engineer before becoming the founder of Steelcoder Engineering Inc.

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