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The preliminary manual for DataGUIDE is now available for download in PDF format. Tutorial Movies are also available in the DataGUIDE Downloads section.


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Why wait for days or weeks to get the information needed to assess quality or production performance?

Turn Mill Data into useable information
Send relevant information via e-mail
Store information in daily, shift based logs
Collect critical machine event information and e-mail it

About...Steelcoder Engineering Inc.

Steelcoder's objective is to Fit the Need for technical engineering products and support for industrial process lines, such as steel rolling mills, aluminum rolling mills, pickling lines, slitters, galvanizing lines, roll grinders, paint lines, or any other process where quality and data reporting and information gathering systems are needed.

Steelcoder Engineering Provides directly, or though partner companies:
Steelcoder Custom Systems:

Steelcoder Engineering Inc. can provide custom data acquisition, reporting and analysis systems based on customer needs and the existing equipment installed. In addition, recommendations on appropriate 'off-the-shelf' software and hardware can be made. Steelcoder has experience in the following systems and technologies:

Integration of all these components using a variety of technology appropriate to the situation is the primary focus of Steelcoder Engineering; bringing together the right information customized for the end user personnel:

Any system can be integrated and customized to give the right information to the right people at the right time.

Partner Companies

iba America LLC provides PDA: high performance, high speed, data acquisition hardware and software for industrial applications, as well as ibaLogic, a powerful and configurable signal management application.

360 Automation Inc. have the pulse of industry, serving the Alabama area as well as the Continental US. They provide technical support for a wide range of process automation services, as well as representing iba America for high speed industrial strength data acquisition systems.



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